I love color.  I am so greatful that my eyes see all the glorious spectrum of hues that make up our world.  I always look forward to seeing what trends drive the market.  It is inspiring to see new palattes of mixed tints and shades that influence what we wear and how we decorate our surroundings.  This does not mean we have to use the combinations or even like them.  We can have classic favorites that withstand time and trends.

I’m focusing on Sherwin-Williams presentation this year, titled “Passionate Pursuit”. Whenever we pursue something with enthusiasm and passion it creates happiness within ourselves and those we encounter.  Four collections make up this year’s line up of color combos- think Fresh Mindfulness, Vintage Workmanship, Social Engagement, and Technology and Materials that seem to be from another world.

Let’s look at them each in greater detail:


This is “Mas Amor Por Favor”- MORE LOVE PLEASE!  A coming together to rediscover the pleasures of small gatherings with loved ones and indulgences like champagne and vintage florals.  This palette connects across generations.  It’s vintage, flower power, and crisp and new all at the same time.


Here we have “Trajectory”.  The pace of technology can have us in a state of awe as a connection between art, science, and commerce is increasing every day.  Apps that make our houses smarter are becoming more mainstream, 3-D printers expand our scope of viewing.  This is a color combination that shows mystery with a range of plums, shimmery pewter, and icy blue.  An overall deep and cool scheme, the Aqua-Shere is giving the group a nice contrast.  This could be the main color if you prefer light walls, and the deep tones could be accent elements.  This sophisticated and mellow palette creates a very hip vibe.


Now lets look at “Pura Vida”.  Live well, be well, healthy spaces that feel theraputic and holistic.  A combination of natural colors that make us think of vast deserts, ancient places with materials like alabaster and marble.  Almost a sheer effect.  The Urbane Bronze gives this group some contrast and keeps with the natural effect.  I personally would want to see a strong mix of textures in this space or a punch of deep teal.


Lastly, this is “Nouveau Narrative”.This combo shows a respect for North American manufacturing as it reemerges and looks to the past for “Building to Last”.  Vintage machinery, olive, denim, wool, brass are all inspirations for this collection.  Pages from history books influencing our future.  Love this with reclaimed pieces that look time worn and urban at the same time.

Overall, I like the variety of the palettes and the overall message of collectively pursuing our passions to enhance quality of life.

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