This week I am excited to dive into the invigorating world of the color orange. Consider the parts of your home that naturally attract playful or joyful activity. Notice if their is a tint of mandarin shining through a stained glass decoration hanging from a nearby window. The often considered “daring color” to use within a space, can aid to feelings of abundance or the complete opposite, deprivation. We are in the transitional season of fall, where we notice shades of the hue taking over with fallen leaves and an array of autumn harvest. Follow along as I help you better understand useful ways to incorporate orange into your home’s design.

In the realm of interior design, orange is result of blending the two primary colors red & yellow. It is also known to be invigorating, stimulating & playful. When the eye catches a glimpse of this color it isn’t unusual to suddenly feel more creative & overcome with a feeling of abundance. As the weather changes, days shorten, a beautiful phenomenon occurs. The leaves begin to change colors. During this time, they often start as a vibrant green and soon the ground is covered in several tints and shades of amber, yellow & red. We see children energized and excited over running and jumping into the piles of fallen leaves in the backyard. This cycle & span of the seasonal shifts provides an opportunity to get in touch with our creative center and make use of earth’s natural gifts.

Vertical Panels in Mandarin Orange

What other hues work well with the color orange? Consider the overall experience you are trying to convey with your design. Does the setting include a neutral color scheme? Include a tint of tangerine as a bold accent color when using variations of black, brown, beige, white, gray & cream. Use brighter blues, purples & greens in coordination with a shade of mandarin in decorations, accessories & small furniture items to weave in bold accents within your design.

Orange can be easily overused in a space. The psycological and emotional effects can be quite strong. For this reason, start with small pieces or objects in rooms that attract social interactions. A small bouquet of tiger lilies is a good example easily introducing a small dose of energetic orange.

During this fall season ponder gathering a few handfuls of the brightly colored leaves in the backyard and placing them in a centerpiece bowl for a lovely subtle addition to any surface in your home. Pumpkins, citrus fruits, carrots, gourds and other naturally colored foods in bowls help create that joyful effect. A throw blanket with different hues weaved throughout the fabric adds some spice to a living room area. Outdoor patio furniture that includes decorative pillows or cushions can help lighten up and invigorate a gathering with hints of saffron and sienna.

Lift the energy of an evening and enjoy feeling filled with abundance. Fall is a time of transformation & shifting. Align yourself with the seasons and explore the invigorating world of orange.




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