| Explore with Orange |

This week I am excited to dive into the invigorating world of the color orange. Consider the parts of your home that naturally attract playful or joyful activity. Notice if their is a tint of mandarin shining through a stained glass decoration hanging from a nearby window. The often considered “daring color” to use within […]

| How to use “red” in your home |

Red. It is a primary color that serves as the base to many other colors. It is the hue of the clay that oozes between our toes while walking along a river bank. It is often associated with feelings of passion, romance and heat. We stop for it at traffic lights and signals. It is […]

| Light & Sound Sleep |

The basic needs for a plant to thrive and grow are are air, water, nutrients and sunlight. Receiving too much or too little of one of these essentials throws the plant out of balance. And if you have a green thumb, you have more than likely witnessed the effects of too much sunlight for a […]

Passionate Pursuit-Color Trends 2016

I love color.  I am so greatful that my eyes see all the glorious spectrum of hues that make up our world.  I always look forward to seeing what trends drive the market.  It is inspiring to see new palattes of mixed tints and shades that influence what we wear and how we decorate our […]

Beautiful Italian Dinnerware and Ceramics

How often do we get excited about plates, mugs, and bakeware?  I absolutely fell in love with the Fortunata, Inc. line of ceramics made in Florence, Italy.  Fortunata is Italian for “Luck” and I feel lucky every time I eat my meals and snacks and drink my coffee from these lovely pieces.   You can […]

Happy 2014!!!

Here it is New Year’s Eve, 2013 soon to be “last year”.  As the year closes, I am grateful that 2014 is here and we made it. The New Year brings a fresh wave of ideas and goals.  I chose blogging about books, specifically EW Lawrence books, because at a time when printed books are […]

Hello New Website!

This new version of the Leone Interiors website is finally here!  The makeover was just completed and even though I was really happy with the old one, this updated layout and content is awesome.  Thanks to Matt the gang at Taste Media.  And Happy Holidays!!!