How often do we get excited about plates, mugs, and bakeware?  I absolutely fell in love with the Fortunata, Inc. line of ceramics made in Florence, Italy.  Fortunata is Italian for “Luck” and I feel lucky every time I eat my meals and snacks and drink my coffee from these lovely pieces.  ba772032beaed1792d290e16931e9100 cccbeb9789691dd87e9e8ba5538daccf Fortunata 0000989 0000805_casa-mia-small-oval-tray 55cbda709f87ca0104c810ddb3dcb32e 0000922_casa-mia-mug_65You can mix colors or stay constant with one.  I get so much use out of the baking dishes – they can double as salad bowls or entree bowls as well.  And the triangle try perfectly holds the ergonomic coffee mug and a muffin or cookies.  Everything is safe for the oven/microwave/dishwasher.  Truthfully, my food steps up a notch when placed on these plates!

Fine Italian ceramics are truly works of art and these are just a few examples of the amazing pieces that Fortunata makes0000842_domus-perla-white-urn-with-twisted-handles_65 0000843_domus-perla-white-urn-with-twisted-handles_65 0000511_mediterraneo-turquoise-platter ce1b2a671d0862d791170b862e2bf239 0000546_mediterraneo-turquoise-triton-vase 0000871_museo-firenze-lion-pitcher_78 000098635922c4f639ddc36566021ffb8babd96Please call for details 407.246.8780

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful blog post Barbara! We are so happy you love your dinnerware and appreciate your thinking of us. Buon appetito!

  2. i love this set up! so pretty! i am obssseed with those bowls..the dark khaki and white ikat. they’re from anthro, right? wish i had those..they’re so cool! i love your blog! 🙂

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