Today more than ever I think many people are looking to update their home strategically rather than just making purchases that may or may not be the best choices and may be very expensive items as well. I love that many vendors are introducing more affordable selections that are still very design driven. For this blog, I’ve focused on Feizy, which is one of my favorite rug companies. I have been doing business with them for several years and they have some remarkable area rugs which they stand behind which is extremely important. They have amazing hand-knotted pieces in their “Fine” collection, Lovely tufted pieces, and more recently a machine spun line to which they have added several new pieces. Shown is a rather random series of images that I gathered which is all in their machine spun line. This is just a small selection- what I really like it that the quality is good and the pricing is amazing. I am not trying to oversell machine rugs as being the quality of a fine area rug. Rather I am excited to acknowledge that there are some fabulous selections to simply dress up an area, warm up a space, add color, texture, sound absorption, whatever the intent is for the space. They are available in many sizes and patterns.Rugs 1

Rug 8

Rug 7

Rug 6

Rug 5

Rug 4

Affordable Area Rugs

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