The basic needs for a plant to thrive and grow are are air, water, nutrients and sunlight. Receiving too much or too little of one of these essentials throws the plant out of balance. And if you have a green thumb, you have more than likely witnessed the effects of too much sunlight for a particular flower that needs more shade. Very similarly, our own circadian rhythm can be altered and disrupted by too much exposure to particular lighting. A gardener would respectively choose to plant a seedling in a spot that receives an adequate amount of shade. As a homeowner, you can explore the various lighting options that accommodate your own lifestyle and promotes health & wellness.

Research has proven that too much “blue lighting” can suppress melatonin production in the body. We encounter blue lighting when you open up our laptops, turn on the television, or activate one of our numerous devices. One who spends a majority of the daytime in outdoor natural light or indoor artificial natural lighting could experience health issues if spending the evening in the same circumstance. A balanced sleep cycle and eye health can be connected to a balanced feng shui within the home.

When winding down for the evening, experiment with lighting candles and using lamp light. A more intimate and somber mood is set when you walk into a home feeling less stimulated by over lit rooms. Shut down the devices ideally two hours before bed and notice if you enjoy more sound sleep. Living a more holistic lifestyle that promotes healthy circadian rhythms and balanced light exposure most definitely can be tied with your immediate environment. Observe your surroundings throughout the day and play with simple shifts and tips that can support a healthier & more energized you!

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