Color and Finish Selections

Color is one of the most important elements in evoking human emotional response. The choices are limitless, but the key is in selection. We can assist you in making the best decisions for adding color to your home based on your personal likes as well as what works best for the architecture and orientation of the space. A color consultation is such a great value for those who spend untold amounts of time and energy stressing with endless paint chips and samples.

Space Planning Services

When we look at a space first we take it all in then we start to break it into increments and look at the individual items. Each item contributes to the unified feel of the room. The room then becomes an increment in the overall design of the home. The goal to have each space successfully perform its function while harmoniously contributing to the experience of living in the home.

Sometimes we are working with favorite pieces of the client, sometimes we are starting with a blank canvas. This is what makes each situation unique. We are passionate about working with clients individually to assist in creating the spaces that they love to be in and to be proud to share with their family and friends.

Specifications for New Construction and Remodels

Whether you are building new from the ground up or reworking your existing home, we can assist you in making key decisions within the categories shown in services as well as selections of cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, hardware, and kitchen and bath details. We work in conjunction with your contractor or provide you qualified contractor referrals to provide you with the best choices within your budget and time frame.

Flooring, Wall, and Ceiling Treatments

Each of these areas require decisions that can be overwhelming given the amount of choices in today’s market. Wood, tile, stone, bamboo, cork, paints, wallpapers, and specialty wall finishes are among options available. We can assist you in selection and refining to achieve maximum impact and functionality.

Lighting Services

Properly lighting a space is an art in itself. Combining the advantages of natural light along with the addition of artificial illumination is optimal. We can provide overall planning of ambient and focal lighting as well as selection and purchase of decorative chandeliers, pendants sconces, and portable lamps to effectively create the best visual presentation while maintaining energy efficiency.

Feng Shui

Our homes are our sacred spaces where we need to be able to feel our lives are enhanced and nourished. All of the components that are in our homes contain energy that influences how supported or depleted we feel. We all have unique situations and lifestyles that add to the environment in which we live. We can provide guidelines to optimize the flow of energy to truly help make your home your sanctuary.

Furniture and Fabrics

The furniture and fabrics used in your home should be comfortable, functional, and reflective of your styling. Whether you are using your existing pieces, purchasing new, or a combination, it is imperative to be well-informed to make the best decisions. Leone Interiors is well-experienced in the furniture industry and can give you excellent advice and provide numerous sources for purchasing.

Window and Bedding Treatments

Windows open give us a view of the outside world from the inside of our home. They also provide privacy from the outside world. Functional window treatments can be simple or ornate but they must do what they need to do. Decorative treatments can emphasize what the window is framing or it can hide an undesirable element. The options in selections are only limited by the imagination, but the result must make sense for the client to want to invest in it. At Leone Interiors we listen to your guidelines and offer the best choices regardless of budget. Yes, some textiles are costly and rightly so as they can be like a fabulous work of art. However, we always offer alternatives so that the best choice can be selected.

Artwork and Accessories

The biggest difference between fabulous and just ok is usually about detailing.  Detailing does not mean overdoing with elements just to layer or take up space.  It means careful attention to the intention of the item used.  It does not matter if the area is simplistic or opulent, the details are what we look at once we’ve taken in the overall visual.

These details are what adds variety and texture and often spurs conversations.  An interesting piece of art, a beautiful pillow, an unusual floral container…the list goes on and on but the reaction is always one that brings a smile.

Custom Florals, Plants, and Trees

Foliage adds life, vitality, and texture to any space. Whether live or permanent we provide the best materials and design available. As lovers of nature and beauty, we strive to make each piece one of quality and uniqueness created with professional floral design expertise. We also provide Holiday Decor pieces and decorating services-trees, wreaths, tablescapes, and mantles.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enhancing your outdoor living area can be as simple as adding a few plants and seating options to having outdoor kitchens, bars, and fully furnished dining and seating areas. There has been a huge expansion of design options available in the last few years- just the choices in outdoor fabrics alone is enormous. Regardless of the extent of your project, we can help you with design and selection of items to make this area feel like you are on vacation in your own home.

Sustainable and “Green Products”

Protecting our environment is something we are passionate about.  We will specify products that are better for health and safety whenever possible.

Vacation and Rental Properties

At Leone Interiors, we understand that vacation rental properties and staging homes to sell share a common denominator- giving maximum impact with budget requirements. What we do is focus on the strengths of the property and specify what is needed rather than overly decorating.

For vacation properties the ease of maintaining the space for multiple users is very important. Having all the necessary utensils for cooking a meal and a relaxing space to enjoy the time away are crucial .Being sure guests have proper sleeping spaces is also key. Bedding must be comfortable and linens superb. A strong sense of design must be introduced to set the mood for feeling relaxed and inspired. Perhaps we want to emphasize a fabulous view. Using functional pieces with strong design elements can make the difference between a great space and a basic rental. The function is the same but the feeling is totally different.

Home Staging Services

We work with realtors and sellers to assess the home in an effort to maximize the impact of the home for prospective buyers.  This can be as basic as moving a few pieces around to  adding elements that enhance the space.


I believe in the power of design to nurture the human spirit and support the well-being of individuals. -Personal