Happy 2014!!!

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Here it is New Year’s Eve, 2013 soon to be “last year”.  As the year closes, I am grateful that 2014 is here and we made it. The New Year brings a fresh wave of ideas and goals.  I chose blogging about books, specifically EW Lawrence books, because at a time when printed books are winding down, these books give a sense of learning and are oh so stylish. I believe we will always want books in our surroundings.  There are so many lovely bindings and the content of the books is varied.  They are all wrapped exquisitely. Book 6Books 7Books 1Books 2Books 5 Books 3

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  1. Ruben December 2, 2015 11:59 am Reply

    Hello Anna,My books haven’t arrived yet. I stock Designers Guild, Jane Churchill and Ralph Lauren among orhtes. i find your use of rather eccentric fabrics, like DG, very clever in that you make them appear easy to live with. Most people are scared of using bold colors and patterns at home. I look forward to seeing your display!

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